Kouvola City Centre Association is a developer of a pleasant city centre.

Kouvola City Centre Association develops the city centre in cooperation with the City of Kouvola, local entrepreneurs, property owners, residents and the authorities. Our goal is a pleasant, eventful and safe city life in Kouvola.

Kouvola City Association was founded in 1997 and has now contributed to the development of the Kouvola city centre for almost two decades. Activities of the association are varied and include, for example, organizing events and offering services to the member businesses. The association now has more than 200 member and partners businesses, which help the association through their own work and participation in the association’s activities.


Marikka Ruotsalainen, executive director
Mob. +358 40 169 7878

Henna Perkiö, office manager
Mob. +358 44 311 8250

Board of Directors 2017-2020

Chairman of the Board
Jarkko Mikkola, CEO, 2017-2018

Representatives of the City of Kouvola
Kaisa Niilo-Rämä, city architect, 2017-2020

Representatives of Business Life
Susanna Kurvinen, restaurant entrepreneur, 2015-2018
Pekka Lavonen, CEO, 2017-2020
Harri Koskinen, 2017-2020
Maria Käki, manager, marketing communications, 2015-2018
Ville Helander, chairman, 2017-2020

Representatives of Property Owners
Pekka Katainen, bank manager, 2017-2020
Kai Rauhamäki, manager of development projects, 2013-2016

Reijo Haka, KPMG Oy, 2017-2018

Contact us

Keskikatu 9, 3.krs. 45100 Kouvola

Toimisto avoinna arkisin klo 8.00 - 16.00

Puh. 044 311 8250, 044 311 8251
Fax. 05 311 5840



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